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Engineering center
for product development
based on metal frame

Innovation (R&D) and development of structural solutions for metal construction


Expanding the market of metalwork consumption by providing design organizations, builders and end customers with proven and effective design solutions


Products and Solutions

Turnkey Products
  1. Multilevel parking garage with precast concrete slab
  2. Multilevel parking garage with application of permanent formwork
  3. Multifunctional Sports and Recreation Center building
  4. Multi-purpose building for office and business
  5. Educational Building School
  6. Children Educational Institution
Products for general contractors and design organizations
  1. Complete metal structure building
  2. Cornice girder roofs
  3. Coverings with I-beam steel purlins
  4. Coverings with application of beams in the truss chords
  5. Covering on the basis of hot-rolled I-beams


  • Acceleration of design time of AR, KR to 1 month
  • Minimization of design errors
  • Reduction of terms for KM-CMD development by 50%.
  • Standardization and unification of all processes
  • Speed up construction and installation works by 10-20%
  • Reduction of metal intensity while maintaining structural strength and cost
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Example of R&D implementation

Parking on metal structures with prefabricated floor slabs

Developed and produced the slab
Produced and assembled the frame
Build a prototype
Developed a test program
Vol. 1 Static short-term loading
We designed a 330-car parking lot and passed an expert review. Started construction

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