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Vaulin Grigory Viktorovich
General Director
Our goal is to turn a complex construction into a simple assembly. Quickly and technologically, thanks to the use of metal frame and prefabricated elements.

Ferro-Stroy is fully capable of designing, supplying and constructing buildings in various segments from metal structures. Today we go forward to take a leading position in the construction of buildings from metal structures in Moscow, Russia and countries of the near abroad to build beautiful, reliable and cost-effective buildings from metal structures that benefit people.


There are main directions in the structure of Ferro-Stroy Group of Companies (Engineering Center, Construction and general contracting, Supply of building sets and metal structure which are allocated to separate companies.

A unique feature of the company:
construction on metal frame

Advantages of metal frame construction

High quality and speed of installation, minimization of excavation work. Savings up to 2 times in frame erection time
The building is bolted together like a construction kit with a high degree of prefabrication. Minimizing wet processes
Ready and tested design solutions, technological BIM design and end-to-end quality control
Accurate calculation of the cost of the building set after design, guarantees reliable partners-suppliers of components

Ferro-Stroy in facts and figures

More than 30 realized projects in the segment of residential, commercial and social real estate
300+ thousand m2
Constructed more than 300 thousand m2 of facilities on the metal frame
18 years
On the market since 2002.
We opened the Metal Framing business in 2015


Professional team

Staff of qualified employees, experience in the industry, our own technical customer and project team is the key to the successful work of Ferro-Stroy. Our impeccable reputation and established relationships with professional market players, municipal and state authorities allow us to implement projects of any level of complexity.


Quality assurance and adherence to deadlines

We value our reputation and, regardless of the scale of the project, our priority is to perform works at the highest level of quality with observance of the stated deadlines. The scope of Ferro-Stroy Group of Companies allows us to guarantee any obligations to our clients.


Innovative solutions

Our engineering center is constantly searching for new solutions and optimizing the existing solutions used in our projects. This allows us to maintain a leading position in the segment of design and construction of metal frame buildings, offering our customers the best options for the implementation of the most complex projects.

Video about the company


Video about the company


Metal frame in 2 months

The main construction and installation works are completed at the site in Moskovsky.

The installation of the engineering systems and electrical equipment in the parking lot, which is a part of the new residential complex, is coming to the end.

The metal frame of the building, designed by Ferro-Stroy, was assembled in just two months.

Partnership with the Republic of Belarus

Continued delivery of steel structures to Mogilev of the Republic of Belarus.

The 2nd turn of steel structures is already delivered for the construction of the shopping and entertainment center Park-City in the city of Mogilev of the Republic of Belarus.
The total volume of delivery will amount to 450 tons of steel structures.

The basis of the structural solutions of the trusses of “Molodechno” type using rolled I-beams EVRAZ in both chords of the trusses.


  1. The building has the following dimensions on the plan: -length-84,0 m; -width-30,00 m; the shed has the following dimensions on the plan: -length-84,0 m; -width-13,55 m;
  2. Building operating conditions: – covering design – continuous roll roofing on profiled sheeting; -wall construction of the walls of the type of “Sandwich” with a horizontal layout;
  3. Building volume formed by steel framework load-bearing structures (reinforced concrete columns with ties, floor and roof beams, roof trusses, ties) and the enclosing structures of the coating and walls.
  4. In the transverse direction, the frame is a single-span frame with a rigid coupling of reinforced concrete columns with foundations and articulated connection of the columns with the roof trusses and the attached canopy for the entire length of the building. In the longitudinal direction, the building is a ligamentous frame with rigid reinforced concrete column foundations and hinged support of the steel columns of the framework.
  5. The frame stability is ensured: – in the transverse direction – by the stiffness of the transverse frame; – in the longitudinal direction – by the stiffness of reinforced concrete columns and horizontal connections on the roof and vertical and connections of the columns.
  6. Columns w / b, framing uprights steel.
  7. Covering beams – of welded and rolled I-beams, trusses – of bent welded and rolled profiles.
  8. Gable and single-slope roofing (attached canopy).
Ready parking in Balashikha

Construction of a multi-level metal-frame open parking for 300 cars was completed in Balashikha, Moscow Region. The total area of the object is 8420m2

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