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Grigory Viktorovich
General Director of Ferro Stroy LLC
Sergej Vitalevich
General Director of Ferro Building LLC

Supply of building sets and metal constructions

Peshkov M.
Commercial Director
Kovalenko S.
Head of Design Group
A. Gorbatenko.
Head of Sales in Russia
Lazutkin L.
Chief Operating Officer

General contracting

Koltsov S.
Commercial Director
Podyachev V.
Head of Design Group
Zhurikho A.
Head of Design Group


Lesogorov N.
Head of Development
Kurakov I.
Executive Director
Teletskaya E.
VSM Technical Customer

Engineering Center

Danilov I.
Head of the Engineering Center
Kustov A.
Leading Specialist for R&D

Financial and legal service

Ilyin A.
Head of the FS Legal Service